Director of Anger Management, Domestic Violence and BIP services
Sam Bates

When relationships get stuck in an unproductive pattern it is usually because people are reacting to the hurt rather than responding in ways that can solve problems. As a marriage and family therapist (in residency) I specialize in helping people find strength based solutions to address the challenges of managing relationships. The systemic approach focuses on the interactions of people (families, groups, communities) more than individual symptoms; however, this approach is beneficial when working with groups, families, couples, and individuals.

Relationships are inevitable, and no one is immune from the challenges relationships may bring. These challenges can be addressed in a variety of ways, which is why I also facilitate group therapy in anger management, substance abuse, and domestic violence. I also work with families, couples, and individuals. Through these different avenues of therapy and making use of my training and life experiences I can help you find new ways to address your relationship challenges. The bottom line is that we all need help forming or sustaining healthy relationships and I have the skills and means to help.

In addition to my training as a therapist, I am also an elder/pastor in my congregation and a former aerospace engineer. My theoretical training in family therapy is enhanced with my biblical knowledge and professional and personal experiences. While these aspects of my life do shape my worldview, they can be used to bring additional assurance to those whose moral compass is guided by biblical principles or those who favor an analytical/theoretical approach.

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